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Save Water Save Lives

Pool Water, the Hayward Ways. Saving Life, Saving For The Future

One thing we must understand is that Water is the foundation of life. Next to air, Water is the most precious resource. With the little steps that you do in planning and taking care of your pool water, you help to preserve our environment not only for now, but for future generations! Hayward Indonesia believes in sustaining nevery pool built to be a part of the lifestyle, a way of life in conserving water for the stake holders and for Indonesia.

Here are the steps that you can do to save for the Future!

  1. Large-capacity cartridge filters are recommended, because they NEVER need to be backwashed,where water stays in the pool, along with chemicals and heat. Cartridge pool filters save pool owners thousands of gallonsof water where they conserve up to 92% of water from rinsing versus backwashing. This equates to approximately2,500 gallons of water per season or the equivalent to 20,000 glasses of drinking water.
  2. For heaters's users, consider lowering the temperature during hours and days of no use.This will drastically lessen water evaporation and lower your pool heating costs.
  3. Lower pool's water level. This prevents less splash-out during water play and sports.
  4. Cover your Pool will allow less water evaporation and keeping the water in the pool where it belongs.With pool cover, heat and chemicals are also retained, where less energy is used and of course, pools tend to stay cleaner.
  5. Use only intelligent, water conserving irrigation systems. Newer innovation applies water that matches soil absorption to avoid run off and save water.