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Salt Chlorinators

Hayward Electrolysis Salt Chlorinators care for your eyes, skin, and especially pool odors.
No more Red Eyes and skin rashes from your very own pool water. On top of haven relaxation, low salt levels and polarity reversal cell to limit the formation of scale on the electrodes are crucial for simple and easy pool water management.



Aqua Rite

The World's #1 Salt Chlorinator. Hayward's AquaRite Salt Chlorinator is the alternative to conventional chlorine
This brings you premium comfort for soft, silky water with no more red eyes, itchy skin, or harsh odors.

Hayward Aquarite is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and offers you the best warraty support and brings you 50% savings over the purchase of conventional chlorines

Hayward Chlorinators comes in right-sized salt chlorination. They are available in three sizes 40.000, 25.000, and 15.000 gallons. They suit just about the right Aquarite size for


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