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Sand Filter

Sand filters in pools are used to extract impurities from the water by utilising sand to collect debris as small as twenty microns.

To discharge debris and water waste, the sand filter must be backwashed (i.e., running the filter in reverse).

Swim Pro EXP

The Value Priced SwimPro EXP high rate sand filter range by Hayward in manufactured in the United States of rugged, durable colour-fast molded polymeric material to assure long life.

Each filter features a high efficiency top diffuser and innovative under-drain to assure balanced flow and maximize the filter' backwash performance. The top diffuser evenly distributes the unfiltered water across the entire sand media bed,
in a cascading umbrella like pattern. SwimPro's EXP included Vari-Flo multi-port control valve features seven positions to quickly and easily backwash the filter to clean the sand bed of dirt and debris.

The SwimPro EXP filter is virtually maintenance free and value priced, thanks to advanced USA manufacturing efficiencies. Choose SwimPro EXP by Hayward for affordable and efficient pool filtration.


  • In-ground pools installed with in-floor cleaning systems, solar heating systems, water features
  • In-ground spas or in-ground pool/spa combinations

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